Special order cookies should be ordered well in advance to secure a place on the calendar.

A two week minimum frame is required. This minimum Time frame does not always include busy holidays. The earlier the order is placed the better!

Given advance notice, I am willing to work with you to match programs, invites, themes, etc. AND, artistic freedom unleashes my best work!

Fresh cookies are individually heat sealed.


A minimum of 24 cookies is required for a custom order.

Cookie pricing is based on several factors; size, number of colors, details, cookie stye (character cookies, logos, …)

The following estimates are based on 3.5”-4” cookies.

  • $44 per dozen: Up to 3 colors and no more than three styles per dozen.

  • $48 per dozen: Up to 5 colors, one name, details limited in airbrushing, flowers, sprinkles, metallics.

  • $52 AND UP per dozen: Up to 7 colors with all the bells and whistles!

  • A specific price can be quoted once I have the details.

ALL ORDERS MUST BE PAID AT THE TIME OF ORDER. If payment is not made within 48 hours, the order will be removed from the calendar.

If cancelled within Three weeks of the event, all monies will be refunded.


Cookies are available for pick-up at my home.

California Food Cottage License prohibits shipping of cookies.